Hailey Lamb

Hailey started practising yoga in her hometown of Nelson BC in 2002, as a young teenager. Her relationship to yoga, for many years, was simply a way to be active – little did she know that it would have a huge impact on her life in many other ways. After a serious knee injury in 2010, she began a practice of restorative yoga, which helped her in the process of healing, however; eventually she found that what she really needed most was strengthening and challenge to build back her muscles. She started practicing Moksha Yoga and quickly fell in love, with the series and with the community. She started teaching Moksha Yoga in 2014.

Hailey believes that yoga can be transformative and healing. She teaches in a way that fosters a sustainable and realistic yet challenging practice- this means she encourages her students to let go of expectation or competition with themselves, and to listen to what their own bodies need most in each moment. Hailey has training in, and teaches; Moksha Level 1, Yin Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She is a dog mama, North Van resident, math geek and nature lover.