Matt Coombe

Matt Coombe is a Moksha/Modo Yoga Teacher from Ontario. Matt teaches Moksha/Modo Level 1 & 2, Flow & Yin Yoga classes. He’s been practicing since 2011 and teaching since 2014, having done 800 hours of training through Moksha/Modo International. Matt’s classes emphasize mindfulness in movement and are often as mentally engaging as they are physically demanding.

Since Matt was young he has been intrigued by philosophy and the questions of how to optimally spend our time as humans on earth. Since discovering yoga, Matt has been impressed by the way the practice can take us toward answering such questions, in a way that’s much deeper than what the mere physical postures alone have to offer. In class, Matt employs an approach to teaching yoga that at once strikes a balance between physical safety, mindfulness, lightness, communal power, and philosophical depth. Matt’s goal is to help practitioners of all levels perceive the life-affirming and life-engaging nature of yoga practice – as a practice of life – and to help them bring yoga’s life lessons with them, back into their everyday lives.